Welcome to Homel ICT Solutions

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide design and integrates software, systems and services for homes, business and network operator, provide reliable ITC application, solutions and technical support to the enterprises and government.

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Business Model

No one else understands business the way we do

We combine specialist knowledge and expertise with solid execution capabilities to deliver quality services to our clients.

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Innovative Approach

An organization powered by Innovation

We are an ICT firm that specializes in supporting business owners with their visions. We offer effective solutions to businesses with unique challenges.

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Networking & Wireless Technology

We provide fast internet broadband connectivity that will enable access to video and data 

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Computer Training

At Homel ICT Solution we have specialised and qualified ICT professionals with hands on ....

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Software and Website Development

With state of art infrastructure and cutting edge technologies, we develop powerful applications ...

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Power Inverter

We provides different types of Inverter for electricity supply for smooth running of your business

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Welcome to HOMEL ICT Solutions Limited

HOMEL ICT SOLUTIONS is a Multi disciplinary consortium of Season, Articulate, Diligent, Committers and dedicated ICT professionals drawn from different area of ICT and specialization there is no doubt that the Caliber of resource persons held by the company can compete any where in the world of ICT noting their volume of contributions in ICT service, they are professionals that have distinguished then selves in different areas of commitment to ICT building veritable and vast experience in providing and maintaining ITC infrastructures in Nigeria and Africa.

As a leading ICT solution provider HOMEL ICT SOLUTIONS has a unique business model and technology creation capabilities to deliver exceptional services to simplify
learning, ICT construction, Energy project management and HR management system solution, safety and security equipment (CCTV) radio and communication system, solar street light, power inventor and maintenance, Computer training and maintenance skill empowerment, solar pump, web site creation and database.

HOMEL ICT SOLUTIONS is made up of consultants specializing in integrating biometric technology into every area of government, business, and personal applications. Our consultants are trained local and abroad, and have also worked with government institutions both in Nigeria and abroad. We assist governments and organizations in planning, installing, and implementing Identification Solutions.

HOMEL ICT SOLUTIONS Their staffs continue to gain recognition for its success in providing solutions for enterprise architecture, person identification, e-governance, and secure documents that deliver multi-pronged goals of managing identity, safeguarding the interests of our clients, and facilitating public initiatives.

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